Parser doesn t support setschema not validating

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Did you know that the parser used in Castalia is open source? It’s been used in a few projects you may know of: This post is a brief introduction to the parser and a short tutorial on how you might use it.

It’s a collection of units that you use in your project, and write classes that descend from the parser’s “generic” classes.

There are 4 units in the Delphi Parser: The interesting parts in Castalia Pas and Castalia Simple Pas

The other two units are just convenient places to declare the many types required for the lexer and parser.

…Which brings us to the basic structure of the parser. The lexer is a fast, hand-written lexical analysis class that takes a string and breaks it into tokens.

The parser consists of two parts: The lexer, and the parser. A token is the basic building block of source code.

A token might represent an identifier, a keyword, a punctuation mark, etc…

For example, consider the code Show Message(‘hello, world!

’); This code would split into 5 tokens: If you’re interested in the hardcore computer science of tokenization, read Chapter 3 of The Dragon Book.

(Note: The Castalia Delphi Parser lexer is not generated with Lex or any similar tool.

It is hand-written.) The parser takes that stream of tokens produced by the lexer and analyzes them according to Delphi syntax.

The Castalia Delphi Parser is a recursive-descent parser, which means it analyzes the tokens starting at the beginning, and makes decisions as it encounters new tokens, calling procedures recursively as it decides which grammatical element it has encountered. As it comes from Git Hub, the parser doesn’t produce any output, but it will validate whether some code is syntactically correct or not. Token ID The parser is only a little more complicated than the lexer.

Again, if you’re interested in the theory and hardcore computer science behind recursive-descent parsers, read Chapter 4 of The Dragon Book. When the Token ID is pt Null, the lexer has reached the end of the string. To use the parser, you must create your own parser class that descends from Tmw Simple Pas Par: TMy Parser = class(Tmw Simple Pas Par) end; Tmw Simple Pas Par declares a virtual procedure for every grammar rule in the Delphi grammar.