Phone chat with sexually dominant females

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Phone chat with sexually dominant females

You need a good slap to keep you in order, right across your bare skin. They know you are willing to be their slaves, and you are pathetic enough to do whatever they ask. So let go of that bulge and take hold of that phone and call their number now!

When most people hear the words Domination or Femdom, they think of hardcore activities such as pain, torture, whips and chains.

We prefer to view the Femdom world from a more feminine, sensual perspective.

One of the unfortunate aspects of Domination and Submission is that there are often far more submissive men than there are Dominant women in any situation: dating, parties, social circles, etc.

The imbalance between Dominant Women and submissive men is explored in depth in this work by Ms Courtney.

Welcome to the 121 Girls domination phone sex lines where our sisters of no-mercy are here to correct your bad behaviour and put you in line.

These women operate on the understanding that they prefer to be in control.

They like to strap you down hard because they despise you, but secretly they need you for some full-flavoured domination sex chat. They want to punish you for making them feel this way and one sniff of you will turn them in to a domination sex fiend. Does the idea of being tied up and helpless turn you on? These ladies don’t take kindly to disobedient men who should know better, so pick up the phone now, bitch!

/p They come clad in leather and latex, ready to make you submit. We have ladies who are mistresses of the whip and when they hit they hit hard!

They want to strike out at your manhood and take what they want. Everything they say is an order – and remember – those who can’t learn will feel!

You are here to be used and abused and made to feel the error of your ways. The moment you pick up the phone you will be in their power, you pathetic little pervert.

In fact, how dare you contact this domination chat line. These ball breaking domination sex line ladies are whip-smart.

How dare you have a bulge in your pants You are weak and need correction. They know how to bring you to elation and to keep you teetering on the edge.

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