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In the game proper, three contestants/couples attempt to outwit one another by answering questions to advance to the succeeding rounds.In round one called Fact or Bluff, three players individually answer questions.

The players have to decide whether their chosen bluffer's answer is a fact or a bluff.

If answered correctly, the players get to keep the cash prize for that question otherwise the cash prize will be split between the opponents.

In round two called Word War, with the help of the clues given by the bluffer, the players will then race to solve each three word puzzles to advance to the final round.

The first word is worth P5,000, the second word is P7,000 and the last word is P9,000.

Members of the LGBT community here in Manila are also celebrating the landmark ruling on same-sex marriage in the United States.

They hope someday, gay rights will also make headway in the Philippines.

Celebrity Bluff is a Filipino comedy game show created by GMA Network which debuted on November 17, 2012 and premiered worldwide on November 24, 2012 via GMA Pinoy TV.The show is hosted by the award-winning comedian Eugene Domingo along with the comic-duo Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola as the original members of the "gangnammms" also known as celebrity bluffers.He was then replaced by stand-up comedian Boobay and Isko "Brod Pete" Salvador who later became regular bluffers until season 12.In November of 2015, after its 3rd anniversary episode, Manalo decided not to renew his contract for a new season due to busy schedules, at the same time Salvador also left the show before the season ended.The two were replaced by several guests such as Betong Sumaya, Boobsie, Jerald Napoles, Ai Ai delas Alas and Pauleen Luna among others.The show went on a season break after its season 12 finale on February 20, 2016, it was temporarily replaced by Lip Sync Battle Philippines.