Plesk 10 awstats not updating

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If you plan to use Microsoft SQL Server support in Plesk for Windows, the SQL Server should be installed and configured to use standard or mixed security mode.If Microsoft SQL Server is not installed, you can select it to be installed with Plesk for Windows and configured with administrator name "sa" and a random password.

- by default, PHP is installed from the repository of the OS vendor, but you can use an alternative repository.Starting from 11.5, you can also install multiple PHP versions.This is a shortened list of supported third-party components.It does not include the components supplied with the Plesk distribution, as they were already mentioned as distributed and supported.We recommend that you read information about the product installation, upgrade, or migration before you start deploying Plesk.This information, including detailed instructions, can be found in the Deployment Guide.

Because Windows Server 2003 is no longer supported by Plesk, we recommend that you choose a later operating system version according to the recommendations in our life cycle policy.

A static IP address should be configured in the operating system before installing Plesk for Windows.

Plesk for Windows can be installed only on NTFS partitions.

In order for your server to support Active Server Pages (ASP) and Microsoft Front Page Server Extensions, you need to install these components yourself.

Windows Installer 4.5 is required for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 installation.

If it is not installed in the system, you can download it from the Microsoft official website.

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