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He asked the two women an interesting question, "If you won a 10 million U. dollar lottery tomorrow, what would you do with it? 3 from On hearing these two answers, An Tian was visibly disappointed.He said, "You have just one single chance to spend that large amount of money.

If I only gave you 1 million dollars, you can use that to buy a car or whatever. You must have the spirit of 'Serving the people.' " serve better thy country and thy kind.' " He cited a motto well known at Harvard.

“I can’t make any choice now (between the two women).

I think 'serving the people' is still the most important thing.

If you have money, how you are going to spend it, this is a question that you must, you must think about thoroughly.

) the most viewed dating show and one of the most popular TV shows in China, was once bashed for promoting materialism and money worship after several high-profile female candidates show a fetish of luxury goods and males flaunting wealth as bargaining chips.

Even after The moment the camera zeroed in on him, he was sitting on the ‘Love Lift,’ before he descended it.

He did some funny dance, made faces and seemed to be on wires.

The 24 single women as well as most viewers easily thought he was clowning for the crowd.

If it were not for two TV hosts’ repeated suggestion that “Please be patient; the lunatic must have something unique about him,” most of the 24 lights would have been turned off, which would have disqualified him right away.

Even after he moved on to the second round and his background was unfolded, several female candidates poured scorn on him, saying his hyperactive, unhinged state "made it look like a monkey show." One even put very bluntly, "If people say I am emotionally unstable, they will know what a lunatic is like after they see him.

I think if I look like an ET, he would be from outside the Milky Way Galaxy."An Tian luckily managed to keep two out of 24 women interested.

In the last round, he was expected to "exercise men's right," which means he could take the initiative to pick.

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