Prison cell mate dating

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Prison cell mate dating - Android adult video chatrooms

Please try to write and visit your Loved One in jail as often as you can.Contact with family means so very much to someone locked up.

Maintain contact as frequently as possible, by whatever means available.If you are able to afford it, placing money in an inmate’s commissary account allows them to buy certain clothing, personal care, and food items.In the harsh setting of jail, these small luxuries can mean a lot.Believe it or not, love can survive, even if your husband, boyfriend or lover is in prison.My husband and I are prime examples, and not only has ourlove survived, but it has grown stronger with each passing day..each beat of our hearts.I like the saying, "we are 2 hearts that beat as one."My husband has been within the prison system for the past 23 months. As most prison wives know, prison calls are highly expensive. If you are not capable of it, keep in close contact through the mail.

We have benn married for 4 years, of which 23 months we have been seperated by prison walls. It is easy, and in this article, I hope to give you a few basic tips. I send my husband letters, computer print-outs of articles and information he is interested in, newspaper clippings.

But we have proven that "love prevails," and not even prison walls can keep us apart! First of all, it does help to be madly "in love" with each other! I keep manilla envelopes at home and throughout the week I slip things of interest into the envelope...

Then I make at least one, if not more trips to the post office to mail letters and envelopes to him.

At my post-office I am a well- known face for the past 23 months! Send him lots of cards for holidays, and other times.

It helps me to not only think of him while looking for "that perfect card," but he enjoys receiving them, and often shows them to the fellow inmates.

Remember that "mail-time' is a very important time of the day when in prison.

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