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Anorexics aren't just starving themselves to death, they are also starved for attention and live extremely lonely lives.

Unfortunately the internet is now connecting anorexics with one another, providing them with support and friendship for a "lifestyle" that can best be described as suicidal.Pro Ana groups as they are now called are groups of anorexic people who believe that anorexia is not a mental eating disorder but a choice of lifestyle. The same or similar arguments are made by obese patients who want attention, are afraid of being too thin. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, anorexics and would-be anorexics around the globe can access more than 400 websites designed solely for them.After all, they did make the choice to starve themselves. But as a lifestyle it is also harmful because the groups promote, quite literally, starving yourself to death. Obesity is another mental eating disorder wherein cyclical depression causes them to eat more when sad, trying to reward themselves with food. Need to know how to disguise your weight loss so concerned friends will stop hounding you to eat more?Members brag about doctor visits, heart attacks, the severity of their symptoms and more. Looking for a few words of support as you launch into your latest deprivation diet?In their narrow tunnel vision they have only partially succeeded and won't be happy until they have truly starved themselves to death. Or perhaps you would like to know the tricks for satisfying that pesky weekly weigh-in at the doctor's office? They claim they don't want help, they claim they don't want attention, they claim just want to support each other and help other people to become anorexic like themselves.The websites provide a fascinating insight into the world of anorexics and their obsession with starvation.

For eating disorder educators, the very language of the sites can provide invaluable hints into a troubled psyche. Don't come on the site if you're only interested in putting us down." That psychology plays out almost to the letter on one of the most visible pro-anorexia sites (or "pro-ana," as devotees prefer to call them), known as "My Goddess Ana" as if anorexia was also a religion."I think some of these sites are worded in a way that indicates the hosts do want help," says Vivian Meehan, president and founder of the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, or ANAD. Accused in the press of perpetuating a deadly disease, one site's 20-year-old creator offers this reply."The opening page of the site clearly stipulates that the content of the site is Pro-Anorexic and should not be viewed by those who are in recovery or are thinking about recovery, or who, indeed, do not suffer from an ED.If you are reading this as an objector to Pro-Ana sites, why did you enter in the first place when the entrance page has told you not to? These girls and women (and rarely men) have been lying to themselves so long they would sooner prostitute themselves than admit they are just fooling themselves. Sex is a big theme on pro ana websites, frequently with images of skantily clad women who have starved themselves to skin and bones.Apparently there is no shortage of men (with low self-esteems) willing to sleep with a skeleton.The websites have straightforward warnings like: Which sounds like responsible advice, until you consider the effects of a warning like that on the psychology of anorexia.