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INTRODUCTION The key to a great jumping performance is consistency.Consistency in the approach begins in the first two to three strides of the approach run-up.

I plan on talking about the horizontal jumps approach by breaking the run down to three sections: the Coaches should give as much attention in their training to the first two to three steps of the approach as they do the takeoff.

Most errors in the takeoff, and the jump as a whole, are a direct result of an inconsistent drive phase.

The drive phase should be as close as possible to the start of 100m races.

To teach a consistent approach, coaches should always remind athletes to sprint down the runway.

The more the drive phase of an approach is related to the drive phase of a race, the easier it becomes for the athlete to translate proper technique to the runway.

Always teach power first, without being too quick when addressing the first 6 steps of the approach. In physics, power is defined as the at which work is performed or energy is converted.

Therefore, power is an important component of speed.

So in fact, the drive is still fast but there is a strength emphasis.

I give athletes three key cues to help athletes emphasize being powerful in their drive phase: I.

Big Arms Teach athletes to focus on aggressive arm swings greater than 90-degrees for the first three to four steps.

Big arms help assure the jumper is not running too fast too soon.

Remember that the arms and leg should be synched together.

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