Pros of dating me tumblr

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Pros of dating me tumblr

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Calum:“You know, I must have flown over it at least a thousand times at work, but never did I get to land at Mykonos.

And it’s the one place I really want to to go.” You confessed over dinner to your boyfriend.

You were talking about your travels about the world; yours while being a flight attendant and his while being a bonafide rockstar.

He had been lucky enough to go everywhere he had ever wanted to go and even more.

He had been to places he hadn’t even been aware of their existence prior to. After all, you made him so much happier than he ever thought he could feel and fulfilled dreams of his he wasn’t even aware he had until you came along.

He wanted to give you anything and everything in his power.

His mind was already running wild the minute the words left your mouth and the very next day he ordered the tickets to Mykonos Island and called you over to meet him at his apartment with his excitement clear in his voice.“Hi baby!

” Calum pulled the door to his apartment wide open before you even had the chance to knock.“Hi!

” You replied and chuckled.“What’s got you so excited?

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