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@ The Met 29Portland, Maine @ Port City Music Hall October 1 – Toronto, Ontario @ Velvet Underground 3 – Pontiac, Mich. @ Tractor Tavern 18 – Vancouver, British Columbia @ Fox Cabaret 19 – Portland, Ore. @ Larimer Lounge 15 – Salt Lake City, Utah @ Urban Lounge 17 – Seattle, Wash.

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Teeth Sinking Into Heart, Yamagata abandons the chick flick soundtrack feel of her first album with a darker, more intimate double-disc affair.On Elephants, Yamagata channels macabre ballads like Fiona Apple while Teeth... "The lyrics were telling me it was going to be different this time, there was backbone," Yamagata says."I didn't want it to be pretty, and I didn't want it to be safe." Vital Stats: • Elephants...represents a tough two year stretch in Yamagata's life that included the death of her stepmother, a split with her boyfriend and getting dumped by RCA Records, which released her debut Happenstance in 2004. "I felt like my head was going to explode." Instead, Yamagata unleashed her frustrations taking a trip to the Dominican Republic and penning over 160 songs. Merging the songs would break the trance," Yamagata said of her decision.Relieving listeners after a four-year musical drought, Rachael Yamagata will release her fourth full-length album, Tightrope Walker, on Sept. To help tide us over until then, Yamagata released a visually striking official video for “Nobody.” The singer-songwriter unveils a dark fire burning within her obstinate self in this sultry visual. While singing with grit about how she finally has the power, dancers mimic Yamagata’s resolve with authority and grace.

In the same way, Tightrope Walker as a whole will showcase Yamagata’s perseverance. “When [French high-wire artist] Philippe Petit was asked why he walked the tightrope he responded, ‘Why—there is no why.’ This really fucked me up,” Yamagata says in a press release. She continues: I was devoting an entire theme of the tightrope walker to my new record: defending the weary spirit and empowering the underdog while using the high wire artist as a symbol of how to get through, but it hadn’t yet occurred to me to contemplate the why of getting through or the why of even my own art. Beyond that, why continue in an industry that I’d not yet conquered or pursue this when you have to give up so much to do so? Watch the video for “Nobody” above, and find Yamagata’s tour dates below. Something propels our survival and search for happiness and it’s this desire to overcome what threatens to break us that continues to fascinate me. Rachael Yamagata Tour Dates September 19 – Nashville, Tenn. If you’re thinking of quitting—anything—this is your record.

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