Rb sr dating equation

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Sr, where the unstable Rb-87 isotope is referred to as the parent nuclide, being approximately 27 % of all rubidium.The daughter nuclide (Sr-87) is represented by Sr-86, which is stable and not subject to radiogenic ingrowth and constitutes approximately 9.9 % of all strontium.

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The names of the "questioners" have not been included because permission to use their names has not been obtained. An excellent semi-technical introduction to isotope dating methods (with an emphasis on isochron and Pb isotope dating) is available in Dalrymple (1991). It is accessible to those who haven't studied the field, and has even received reasonably positive review in creationist literature. Some Comments and Observations on Steven Austin's "Grand Canyon Dating Project". Isochron methods are introduced in a section titled "Age-Diagnostic Diagrams" (pp. For those who don't mind wading through a college-level textbook on isotope dating, I also highly recommend Faure (1986). It is the standard text on the entire field, and includes a large number of references to the primary literature. California: Stanford University Press, ISBN 0-8047-1569-6. And, like Dalrymple's book, it has also received reasonably positive review in creationist literature. Isochron methods are first introduced in Chapter 6 (specifically pp. More detailed treatment is given in Chapter 8, and Chapter 9 is an extended treatment on mixing.

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Some background on Rubidium and Strontium: Rb is a highly incompatible element.

Sr is fairly incompatible in mafic systems and relatively incompatible in silica-rich systems.