Rio girls dating

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If any city in the world is associated with female beauty it has to be Rio de Janeiro.Almost everyone has heard tales of the scantily clad beauties who frequent the beaches of Brazil's second largest city.

With cool clubs, sunny beaches, great restaurants and majestic mountain top scenery it should be on anyone's travel agenda when visiting South America.Brazilian women can be divided up into three main groups.Firstly there are the Favela women who make up around 75% of the population.The Favela's are the slums of Rio and these women are poor by almost any standard.These women are easy to seduce and would love the opportunity to date a western man.Unfortunately, they are usually not the most attractive women in Rio.

Poor diet mixed with a limited wardrobe and no gym membership means that these women are often out of shape.That said there are some real exceptions to this rule and most of the women of Rio have very good basic genetic material.If you want to create your own Cinderella story then the Favela of Rio would be a good place to start.At the other end of the scale are the upper class Brazilian women.These are the most attractive women in Rio and are super hot compared to any almost any other country you could name.Long legged, beautiful tan skin and always perfectly dressed these are definitely the kind of girl you would love to have on your arm.