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Newly-single Jeremy Kyle found himself learning about dating sites as he grilled a guest who met her guy on Tinder.The host, who divorced from wife Carla Germaine earlier this month, insisted he was "hip" as he talked to guest Terry about modern dating trends on the ITV show .

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I get with the kids, I'm hip." He added: "Do you know how hip I am? " Terry, who appeared on the show to get support for her boyfriend who admitted regularly binging on cocaine, recounted how their first date had gone well. " She replied: "No, it was a week, because he didn't put out.

He was a bit more shy than I was." Jake then appeared on stage and explained how he used cocaine as a "coping mechanism", admitting: "I'm a closed book.

I don't talk about my emotions." The show's counsellor Graham dished out some advice to Jake, telling him: "If your coping mechanism is to walk away and take drugs it means the relationship isn't working.

Yet another glam high profile match made in heaven, then!

And loved up Nadia Forde and Dominic Day make quite the adorable couple, even when they’re dressed down and just enjoying each other’s company.

The Irish stunner looks incredible even when she’s off-duty and not in a bikini, and proved she’s a bit of a biker chick in her leather jacket, distressed jeans and monochrome Nike trainers.

Practical, stylish and perfect for everyday wear, Nadia’s Nike trainers are the ideal shoes for running errands or hitting the gym and they’re available to buy from Zalando for a doable £70.

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Seemingly proving she has a type, Nadia's former boyfriend Luke Fitzgerald was also a rugby player however friends of the model have asserted that the two men's occupation and physical apperance is where the similarities end.

Speaking to one of Forde's mates said: 'The similarities end at hair and skin colour.

Dominic is much taller, with different eyes and a straight nose.'While a source told the celebrity site: 'They have been dating for a while.

Nadia lives in London and Dominic lives in Bath but they are enjoying spending time together.'She said: 'I'm definitely on the lookout for my Imperfect Gentleman - we all try to put on a 'perfect' front for a new partner but actually, it's when the walls have come down and I've been my true self that I've fallen in love.