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Se dating i mrket - who is jennifer lopez dating now

Most of the feedback from everyone who has downloaded “The Man From Earth” has been overwhelmingly positive.

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In the future, I will not complain about file sharing.


When I make my next picture, I just may upload the movie on the net myself!

This guy really deserves support from the file shareing community!

Hey Everyone, On Sunday I was contacted by a client and they said the needed a shopping cart up by Monday.

Since they needed this cart up so fast I went to the easiest solution I knew, Open Source Shopping Carts.

I browsed through tons of shopping carts and put together a list of only the best carts. My inbox is usually full of stupid cease & desist messages from various antipiracy organizations, but it’s mails like this one which make you happy.It’s good to see that some people realize that internet piracy isn’t just evil…I am sending you this email after realizing that our website has had nearly 23,000 hits in the last 12 days, much of it coming from your website.In addition, our trailer, both on the and other sites like You Tube, My Space and AOL has been watched nearly 20,000 times AND what’s most impressive is our ranking on IMDb went from being the 11,235th most popular movie, to the 5th most popular movie in 2 weeks (we are also the #1 independent film on IMDb & the #1 science fiction film on IMDb). Two words: Torrent / File Sharing sites (well, four words and a slash). Our independent movie had next to no advertising budget and very little going for it until somebody ripped one of the DVD screeners and put the movie online for all to download.After that happened, people were watching it and started posting mostly all positive reviews on IMDb, Amazon and other places.