Sedating cat airline travel

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Before we start looking at part 6, this is probably a good time to look at our timeline so far.

Early April 2006 – First meeting with our new migration expert in which we decided the basis of our application.Beginning of May 2006 – Put in the skills assessment application.Early July 2006 – The relevant assessing authority accept the skill. When we parted in part five, I had explained that my wife’s job assessment had been accepted.As you can now see from the timeline above, that happened at the beginning of July 2006. In fact I get the distinct impression my wife would have rather left me behind than the dog.I want to talk to know about a part of our process which may well not be a part of yours. Exporting your dog to Australia is not a cheap process I can tell you. Three one-way tickets to Australia – two adults (me and the wife) and one child (our daughter) aged 3 – £1,365.00. The whole process to bring the dog out was over £3000!In fact in our household, this was probably step number one according to my wife. Baggy, our Chocolate Labrador was nine years old when we started the application process. One one-way ticket to Australia for one dog, (Baggy), in a wooden crate in the hold, £1,910.00. I reasoned that we could have bought two brand new dogs when we got here that would have been younger, fitter and stronger and we would have still had change. 18 months on and I have to admit, bringing Baggy here was the right decision.

It is great having him around and on a very serious note, when you arrive in a new country thousands of miles from your friends and family, then it is nice to have mans best friend still by your side.Baggy loves it here too, it’s almost like he has a new lease of life.Perhaps it was that month in prison (quarantine), that has made him appreciate things more.I’ll tell you about quarantine in another post and also about the day we picked him up.But I’m sure if we hadn’t have brought him over, my wife would never have come to terms with that.And I can’t explain how much him being here has meant to our daughter.