Sedating house cats for travel

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Sedating house cats for travel

It is usually recommended to fast your cat for 12 hours prior to a trip, which will minimize nausea, but some cats require anti-nausea medication as well.

It’s important to know how your cat will respond before the day of your trip!

If your cat has an unpleasant reaction, there is likely an alternative sedative that can be used, or you might elect to make the trip without medication.

The instructions for anxiety and nausea medication might call for a dose the night before travel.

Make sure to read the label and give this dose if it’s recommended.

If you are flying, you will want to make sure you know your airline’s rules and regulations well in advance of your flight.

A health certificate and vaccine certificates will likely be necessary, and some airlines require the health certificate be issued at an exam within a certain number of days of your flight.

They might also specify what size and type of carrier your pet must be in, whether or not they allow animals to be sedated, and whether they have weight requirements for cats. *For those taking international trips, you will want to start researching several months in advance, as different countries vary widely in their rules and regulations for importing pets, and it can take several months of veterinary visits and planning to comply with these regulations.

Whether you’ll be flying or driving with your cat, there are things you can do prior to the trip that can help reduce their overall anxiety.

First, make sure that the carrier is out in their living space for days or weeks prior to travel.

Pulling a carrier out the day of a trip is a surefire way to set your cat’s nerves on end! Your cat might cry on the ten-minute trip to the vet, but that’s no real indicator of how they might be on a longer drive.

Make it a familiar, or even enticing, place for them to hang out using a cozy bed and some catnip. Many cats will calm down and relax after a bit, and the trial run will also give the cat an experience in the carrier and car that doesn’t end in a vet visit.

Your trial run will let you know if your cat might be prone to nausea or need medication on the big day.

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