Sex breeding

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The warders too were less hostile towards them, they were allowed to talk to some of the newcomers and put them right.This Animal sex story was exclusively written for noticed her friend getting sick each morning as she was taken to the lab more and more.

She tried to ask but was told to mind her fucking own business and not ask any questions.She noticed her nipples getting larger and more pronounced as the days went by.Seven weeks had gone by and by now Nell was feeling sick herself.She was taken to the doctor who examined her and nodded her head to another person and Nell was taken to another part of the prison.Animal Sex Stories-The Breeding Farm-Part IINell was taken again to the lab where she was made to lay down with her legs again being held open by girls roughly her own age but very plain.Nell had only been here a week so knew very little about the goings on in here.

Rex her dog had been fucking her twice a day, morning and evening, she was getting used to his cock now, she had to suck it before and after every fuck.This Animal sex story was exclusively written for her friend was with her almost all the time, the doctor seemed to be examining them all the time.They were given plenty of food and rest and apart from their freedom being taken away were treated very well.They were given daily injections of dog serum and DNA.Some of the other girls were joining them who had been there longer.Nell noticed that some of them had gotten a lot fatter and were removed to somewhere else as new girls took their place.

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