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First off, this all started for she and I one day a few years ago. She is not too computer savvy so what she was looking at stayed in my computer history and she did not know that. I no longer live in her home, but I do get over there from time to time. He did not die or leave us for another, he just was not happy in the marriage and neither was my mom. All this started out a few years back when I would allow my mother to come over to my place to use my computer.

Stuff like women’s issues and cooking items as well as Internet auctions.

It all started out simple enough, she would come over when I was at work and do her thing and find things she was looking for.

One day I decided to see for myself what she was actually looking at.

I checked my history file and saw the regular average site, but one day I did find that she was looking a XXX sites.

Nothing too hardcore, but hardcore enough to get a woman excited.

Made me wonder if she sat in my chair and masturbated herself as she looked at them.

After a few weeks she was coming over quite a lot and the regular sites were decreasing in the history file and the adult sites increased.

Just wished I had a video camera, would love to set it up and see for myself what she was up to. I have seen her nude in the past and she did not look too bad. One day I was checking the files and I was surprised to see a few incest sites.

Turns out she was clicking on the sections that would feature mother/son stories and pics. It was at that point where I knew my mother was maybe as interested in incest as I was.

Over the next two weeks the incest sites were the only ones that showed up in the history file.

Since she had no idea they were being saved in the history file she could not know I knew what she was looking at.

The next week I paid a visit to my mom to have dinner with her and watch some movies.

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