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I have tip apps running but mostly am just having fun.

‘We use almost anything to distract ourselves from death,’ he says, ‘including other people dying.’ This deep sense of pessimism is, perhaps, rather unsurprising from a man who once reduced life to four stages: Child, Failure, Old and Dead.Today, the curmudgeonly Irishman begins the Australian arm of his international comedy tour, , Moran has been performing stand-up comedy for more than two decades.At 43, or what he describes as ‘the midpassage’, Moran is simply trying stay ‘intact’ at the end of the day.‘I’m not conjuring fantasies of being 95 and clinging onto a microphone, hectoring strangers,’ he says. His fans have come to love his insightful and poetic turns of phrase.He describes life, for example, as something that 'has its intestinal twists and turns'. ‘I grew up in a house with books in it, and that was it. Indeed, few comedians would inspire critics to use the Sunday words set aside for Moran—he’s been dubbed a ‘dyspeptic dipsomaniac’ and his manner described as ‘querulous’.His hair also gets a good run in the media— as a 'foppish', 'messy' and 'unwashed' mass.

On getting to middle age'At that stage you really have to cultivate a sense of humour about yourself or you’re just not going to make it.

All that kind of absolutism and extremism and totalitarianism that comes so naturally to teenagers, and to people who are young and ambitious in their thrusting twenties, all that stuff—that’s kicked out of you, either by children, or just by getting older.'On life never reaching a plateau'When you’re a younger person, and you’re busy with life and you’re doing all those big dramatic things like trying to find a flat and getting married or having a child, or being really busy with your work and trying to establish yourself in the world ...

you sort of think, "I’ll get onto a plateau and then everything will be the same until I’m dead." Everything is still happening to you.

'People sort of look at older people and go, "Oh, they just wake up at the same time everyday and they eat a cheese sandwich at lunch and they walk the dog." But it’s not like that.

People are quieter about their inner life, but it’s still happening.'On having children'They come in and they move all of your psychic furniture and they kick things over.

Everything that you take terribly seriously they regard as completely laughable and they trample all over it. They just trample on everything that you hold precious and they say: "What about it then?

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