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Prior to the arrival of the first white men less than 200 years ago, five tribal groups lived in what is now Shasta County, each in their own territory.

However, tribal territories or boundaries changed many times throughout those thousands of years and it is not known which tribal group was the first nor how large or small their territory was.

A major cultural difference between all the groups was language. The Yana and Okwanuchu spoke Hokan while the Achomawi, Atsugewi and Wintu spoke Penutian.

Even though there were language differences, they were very similar in all other aspects of their lives. All tribes had special sacred places within their territories such as pools of water, unusually shaped rocks or outcroppings, or mountain peaks which they believed possessed supernatural qualities.

These places were sought out for spiritual quests, to obtain a vision, or as a place to go to obtain luck or special powers.

In addition, everyone was closely attuned to the weather and changes in the atmosphere. Some were singing and dreaming doctors, some were singing and predicting doctors, others were sucking doctors or spiritual and herbal doctors.

The spiritual and herbal doctors had the strongest powers because they were trained in all areas enabling them to do all doctoring, no matter how serious the illness. The only crop somewhat cared for was wild tobacco, which was extremely strong, used extensively (especially ceremoniously), and usually only smoked by the men.

Their most important foods were acorns, salmon, and game animals - in that order. Acorns were gathered in large amounts in the fall, immediately shelled and dried, and kept in storage baskets or bins for later use.It was necessary to leach out the tannic acid before the acorn meat could be eaten.A favorite process was to bury the acorns in the sand of a stream and leave until the water had washed away the tannic acid.The acorns were then pounded into a flour and used in soups, mush, or bread and combined with meat, berries, and other ingredients to add flavoring.Salmon were caught with hooks, seine nets, traps or spears and immediately dried on racks or bushes.The salmon were also smoked in smokehouses built of rocks on the stream banks.

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