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Our country has a lot of unrest and turmoil recently and people are frustrated and maybe they just want to vent and they just see someone innocent ... But this is not the time or place to tell that story,' said Hawkins, who raised four children as a single mother.'Gabrielle's had her heart broken, but she's determined she will go out [on Sunday] and she knows she still has a job to do for Team USA.

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“We have carefully examined the written theological statement that Professor Larycia Hawkins submitted to the Wheaton College administration on December 17, 2015,” stated 78 professors in a group letter published on Friday by .“Our judgment is that Professor Hawkins has not failed to affirm or model the Wheaton College Statement of Faith or Community Covenant." The college has about 200 full-time faculty. Alumni expressed mixed reactions in the comments section of the student newspaper's exclusive post.The also published an interview with Hawkins in which she explains, among other topics, her vision of a win-win scenario: reconciliation between herself and the college. What the world needs to know is that we’re Christians by our love, and that’s win-win for me." ----- Update (Feb."It’s not overspiritualizing—win-win to me is that the world knows that we are Christians by our love. "Like I’ve said from the beginning, I will bless Wheaton College, I will not curse it. 4): A Wheaton faculty committee focused on diversity has raised concerns that Larycia Hawkins—the college's first black, female, tenured professor—has been treated in a discriminatory manner, according to an internal memo leaked to magazine.Her mother, Natalie Hawkins, says Douglas is heartbroken as bullies are attacking her appearance, accusing her of being unpatriotic, and by mocking her with a mean-spirited nickname, 'Crabby Gabby', on social media.'She's had to deal with people criticizing her hair, or people accusing her of bleaching her skin.They said she had breast enhancements, they said she wasn't smiling enough, she's unpatriotic. Now you're 'Crabby Gabby',' Hawkins told Reuters in an interview.

In 2012 Twitter went into overdrive after Douglas became the first African-American gymnast to win the Olympic all-around title.

But rather than lauding her excellence, critics rounded on her for the state of her hair during the final.

Four years on and Douglas has another Olympic gold, from the women's team competition, but the sheen from that victory has also been tarnished after TV cameras showed her standing to attention during the national anthem.'We grew up in the military community.

My mum spent almost 30 years in the military, my dad's a two-time Vietnam vet.

Because of that it was so insulting that they would accuse my daughter of being unpatriotic when we are so tied to the military family.

With accusations that Douglas was angry and jealous at being denied a place in the final, since rules state only the top two performers from each country can progress to the final, #Crabby Gabby started trending on social media.'Maybe people are very frustrated.