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As a child, Franny’s life is changed when her parents divorce, her mother remarries, and she is suddenly part of a blended family of siblings and situations.This is a tender and heartbreaking novel about the dissolution of families, the creation of new relationships, and the effect this has on the children involved.Beautifully written in Ann Patchett’s gifted style.- “We are Kentuckians first and Virginians second and Christian third,” Henry Forge tells his young daughter.But despite his self-confessed adultery, Sir Tom Jones is completely devoted to his childhood sweetheart Linda, whom he met in his hometown of Pontypridd at the age of 12 before they tied the knot at just 16.But in an interview with the Sunday Times last autumn he said his wife 'had depression since she was young' and had 'lost her spark', preferring to stay at home in Los Angeles rather than going out and about with him.

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