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Enrichment can help social studies teachers differentiate instruction for students who are advanced in either their ability level or to those students who have retained the content.

Remediation should be given for those students who have not retained the content needed.Extra time should be spent reviewing and practicing content in a repetitive manner.For instance, as you go through a Power Point or a mini-lesson these students should be allotted time to review with a partner after each piece of content is given.They should be encouraged to put the content in their own multiple ways to help reach students with different learning abilities and interests.Below, are simple explanations and examples to help you differentiate instruction in the social studies classroom.

Leveling helps teachers differentiate instruction by focusing on the ability levels within a classroom.

With levels, teachers can develop appropriate rigor for all of their students.

A pretest should be used at the beginning of a unit to decide which level of rigor should be used to help each student gain the required knowledge.

Teachers can differentiate instruction by using enrichment and remediation.

This can take place at the end of a lesson or a unit.

In order to place students correctly, a pretest must be given.