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7th Ave Phoenix AZ 85027 Beginning as a small, start-up business in 2005, has grown into one of the leading suppliers of lingerie, costumes, rave wear, clothing, swimwear and accessories on the internet.

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Even though our prices are, on average, 10% lower than those of our competitors, we offer support that rivals any of the top online stores.

Our full time, friendly staff is dedicated to answering your questions and will respond to any voice mail or email that is received within the same business day, seven days a week.

Those nervous or uncomfortable with making an online purchase have nothing to fear when shopping at Yandy.

At Yandy, all transactions are processed with 256 bit Secure Trust SSL encryption ensuring that your information is private and unavailable to potential hackers and identity thieves.

Other sites may offer some form of secure checkout, but with Yandy, customers can shop with confidence knowing that personal information, such as a credit card numbers or a home address, will never fall into the wrong hands.

When placing an order with Yandy, customers can be certain that the items selected are in stock and will ship the same business day*.

Yandy's custom content management system allows for updated inventory records, up to the second, ensuring an item will never be oversold.At Yandy, orders are not only guaranteed to be delivered but they are guaranteed to be delivered fast.If you have any questions, comments, or just feel like chatting, don't hesitate to contact us toll free.We are not only friendly, but utterly discrete, and will do our best to make sure you have the best shopping experience possible.For more information about and what's new in the lingerie industry check out our lingerie blog. j Query v1.11.1 | (c) 2005, 2014 j Query Foundation, Inc. function (a, b) { "object" == typeof module && "object" == typeof module.exports ? = (e = arguments[h])) for (d in e) a = g[d], c = e[d], g ! Array(a) && a - parse Float(a) = 0 }, is Empty Object: function (a) { var b; for (b in a) return ! (c =, 2), e = function () { return a.apply(b