Silverlight progress bar not updating

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Silverlight progress bar not updating - Sex chat nairobi

2/17/2011 update - this post is no longer needed: a performance progress bar is now included in the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit.If you are using the indeterminate Progress Bar (“process indicator”) control in Windows Phone applications, please follow these two easy steps to remove stuttering, inefficient animations from the control.

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Your application’s progress bar should look good, but it should minimize its cost as much as possible to ensure that the available CPU cycles are spent doing your hard work – parsing code, making and processing web requests, and responding to the user’s touch input – all of which happens on the UI thread.

Step one: please use my Performance Progress Bar in your application.

It’s very easy to add in about 5 minutes and will pay dividends as your app gets faster.

Progress bars as especially important to have low cost as they typically are only shown during potentially expensive operations.

As a recap, the control built into the platform has an adverse effect on the user interface thread’s frame rate.

This is because it the indeterminate animation is built up of 5 sliding rectangles, built from Slider controls with custom thumbs, and all that work needs to happen five times over every single frame on the UI stack. When looking at this particular app, this was being used to show/hide the indeterminate progress bar.

It means that the continuous animations and storyboard is Now this should have also data bound the Is Indeterminate property.

Since there’s a Visibility converter being used already here, this is an easy fix – just directly bind the bool property that the converter was using as an input. Do try this ( On top of my previous post with a high performance progress bar, I’ve identified uses of progress bars where the Is Indeterminate value is hard-coded to True, and only visibility collapsing is used to show/hide the effect.

This actually also has a negative effect on performance when not in use, as the animation defined when Is Indeterminate==True is continuous, forever looping, and going to have some effect on the main user interface thread just computing animation states, properties, and communicating with the core platform.

This came up as I was involved in a code review of a really sweet Windows Phone application that’s under development...

Really sweet looking app, world class devs, and quality code – even a nicely architected lightweight model-view design.

The application was using multiple indeterminate progress bars, plus my template, but was seeing performance degradation at times of 15-25 fps less than what we would hope for given the concious work to improve perf.

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