Sims dating games of desire

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Sims dating games of desire - Pics naked grannies from dating sites

Here's a concept for a game that could be called "Alpha Cute: Dating 101." And before anyone gets the wrong idea, no, this concept does not include naked women.I'm thinking that a "dating sim" would be ideal for XNA Community Games.

) and mini-games (perhaps you go to work in the middle of each day, and need to earn money to impress your date).Hopefully, there are several sequences of meaningful choices that lead to different intersting outcomes, leading to reasonably good re-playability.You'd probably make the game simulate some range of time, say 1 or 2 weeks in the life of your person, to make it important to make the right choices through the dialog tree, and make the performance of the minigames important for earning cash. Additional interesting wrinkles might be either/or situations, such as where date A goes to powder her nose, and B shows up in the same restaurant/club, and you have to make a choice to shoo away B or dump A.Additionally, you'd probably have some possible story thread where you're unemployed, and meet some girl (artist? Finally, to show solidarity with gay pride, there might be a dateable guy, too.(That might be good for some underhanded publicity, too, if you plant seeds in the right intolerant communities ;-) Dating sims are apparently hot in Japan.One game in the "Doki Doki" series for Nintendo DS apparently pre-sold 2 million copies a year or two ago!

However, the genre has never really made it to the US.As I don't read Kanji, I haven't had the opportunity to experience it first-hand, but games with similar gameplay (like "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney! It seems like XNA Community Games has suitably low threshold for entry, and suitably low overhead, that a niche could be established.The gameplay does not require a lot of hard-core CPU simulation, so the weak CLR JIT doesn't matter.Instead, what's important is writing, to create a number of interesting characters, art, to illustrate the characters and the locales where you can interact with them.Additionally, a slick user interface engine and state machine system is required from the programming side, and you'd need some variety of background music (something like Cinescore could stand in there, though -- you don't buy the game for the music). Programming state machines that can keep various state (desire, schedule, likes/dislikes) etc is something I find easy.I'd probably want to write a test driver that can analyze the state machines to make sure that each win/lose scenario is actually reachable (if you have some number of characters and some number of options, that could be hard to verify manually! Additionally, I think I can deal fine with sound, GUI art, and similar bits.

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