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In the case you are looking to seed a new relationship in hopes of blossoming into a bountiful garden of love, please attend the flirtatious night of speed dating held at St. Many different people attend Speed Date Canada events, but I have found that one of the things they have in common, is that they are usually intelligent professionals who have just not found that special someone yet.

At the end of the speed dating event paper date cards are completed by speed dating event participants using a pen.

There are 4 dates, a break, then another 4 dates and so on until each person has been coupled with one another for a single date.

Most people who attend are busy professionals, but due to a fast paced life have not had the time to meet many other singles.

People who attend our events are motivated people willing to get out there and meet others just like them.

You would be surprised by the number of people now married that met while speed dating. Speed Date Canada sets a relaxed social environment that brings single people together so they can find exactly what they are looking for.

You can quickly eliminate everyone you are not interested in and instead focus on the people with whom you do share an interest.

Speed Date Canada events generally take place in a private room of either a restaurant, bar, or lounge.

Many times I choose lounges or bars which are closed to the public during the time of our event. Many people new to speed dating may be nervous about attending an event.

However, there is absolutely no reason to be nervous – everyone at the event is just like you – single and looking to meet other singles.

The events are very low pressure, organized and take place in a structured setting.

You never have to worry about approaching someone at Speed Date Canada events, because they are expecting and waiting for you to approach them!

Don’t let nerves stop you from an opportunity to meet someone great!

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