Speed dating funny questions ask

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Speed dating funny questions ask

Now, if you want to make this topic a bit more exotic, you can always ask Out of all Solar System planets, which one would you like to visit most? Red Mars, where so many speculate about existence of alien structures?

Being bilingual is plenty of fun, knowing a language other than your own can score you unexpected friends. If you haven't asked you boyfriend already, do so right away. The make-up warrior language from Star Trek and Tolkien's Elven languages are actually not dead languages; there are people who are fluent in them.

Find out which language would he study, given a chance. Talking about them and even researching them a bit may be tons of fun.

If you could take one book to a desert island, which book would that be? See if he's willing to share what is his favorite toy, maybe it's something you'd like, or maybe it's something you can tease him about.

Cliches are cliches for a reason - coax his favorite book from him with this fun question and see if you can find a book you can both read several times without getting bored of it. Who is your favorite movie/comic/cartoon character, and what makes him your role model?

Getting to know your significant other can be a lot of fun, even more so if you spend some time to talk about things that aren't serious. There are plenty of fun jobs out there, and if you can't name one immediately - make one up! Space travel may not be a thing yet, but it might be, some day in the future.

A bit of levity can go a long way towards building a relationship based on communication, and these 22 fun questions to ask a guy will give you a nice groundwork towards figuring out what he likes and what is he into. Where would you travel to if you could pick any place on the planet? What would be the most exotic date you could think of?

A lazy summer afternoon, a date at the local cafe, over breakfast - these light-hearted topics are suited for any situation and can make both you and him grin quite a lot. Naturally, after this question, you can ask him the second one - spirit animal? While you're on the subject of exotic destinations to visit, you might want to spice things up a bit with romantic undertones.Try offering your own answers after hearing his; you may surprise him with some of them. - See which animal does he think represents you the best. Who says fun questions to ask guys can't get you a very fun date?One word of advice - don't over-think the answers you get for these random questions to ask a guy - these are not serious subjects that you should judge him by. Mankind has always sought out a connection with a specific animal that would represent them. See what would be his most interesting and exotic date idea, and you might turn those ideas into reality as best as you can.You shouldn't over-think your own answers either, as sincerity is the key and what makes these so interesting. Nations have chosen animals to be their flag posts, and shamans of various cultures have been trying to enhance an inherent virtue, power or a characteristic of an animal. What song do you think about when you think about me? Get him to tell you which song goes through his head when he thinks of you.Just be yourself, and let him be himself, that's how you get to truly know about someone. Out of all the world's languages, which one sounds funniest to you? These two questions will show you just how nerdy he is. Or maybe something a bit more romantic, like Saturn with its magnificent rings.