Speed dating glasgow monkey bar

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Speed dating glasgow monkey bar

There was an Erasmus party at a night club called Campus, which fear not…is NOTHING like Campus back home! 😀 On the Wednesday I went to the Parque de las Ciencias to the Official Welcome to all the international students at UGR.

The surprise at the end of the speech was a vocal performance by the Choir of the Facultad de las Ciencias, they were incredible!They sang songs in Spanish, English, Italian, Galician and French.We then got to go round the exhibitions at the science park which was really fun, I think it would take about a week to see everything the park has to offer!My favourite part was the “Mariposario” or Butterfly-arium, with a pond with turtles and giant goldfish. There were all kinds of butterflies fluttering all around you and stopping really close-by for you to take pictures (not intentionally, they just happened to facilitate my photography : P). I am writing this blog sitting at a table at a typical Spanish café in a wee cobbled square complete with an “aljibe” with drinking water, a historical monument in the centre and I am surrounded by beautiful greenery…because I thought it would be romantic.I should add that I’m sitting with my bag on my lap because I feel quite conspicuous with my netbook out, worrying I’ll get mugged😛.

It’s not bad but I’m a lot more paranoid here than at home, it’s very true that you can take the girl out of Glasgow but you can’t take Glasgow out the girl. Anyway…that’s me been here in Granada in the south of Spain for nearly a month and a half now and I am beginning to settle in to the Spanish way of life.Orientation week began on the 17 of September with a slightly awkward mixer called the “Tandem Multitudinario” in a gym hall where we met other Erasmus students through a speed-dating set-up; two giant circles of student facing one another and moving to a new person on the whistle.I actually met quite a lot of Erasmus students at this mixer so it was a contrived success!On the Tuesday we had the international students’ information session where we found out about the services UGR has to offer. E cards but they were explaining that all international students have to apply for one by law now.We were given an envelope that we were to hand in with a printed copy of our accepted online application form, two photos if we hadn’t already uploaded one and a photocopy of our passport. At night there was a magic show at the Centro de Lenguas Modernas where we are going to take the CELE Spanish language course which runs throughout the first semester for 6 ECTS credits(I’ll talk more about it later! The show was really good, with the added hilarity of Erasmus student volunteers being lost in translation when playing their “Debbie Mc Gee” role.For the finale the magician managed to put on a jacket in the space of a minute while being tied up…I still don’t know how he managed it!

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