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Step sibling dating - Swingers dating personal

The betrayal was almost always having to do with money or inheritance, and it always arose from a particular type of family dynamic.

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Elsa was older than Joyce by two years and had taken almost a parental role with her, helping Joyce with her homework and listening to Joyce’s hopes and fears.

Despite this, they weren’t really close while growing up; having very separate activities and groups of friends.

When they married, they grew even further apart but were always cordial when they saw each-other at family holidays and events.

This is why Elsa was so surprised by Joyce’s seemingly inexplicable behavior around the will.

Recently, I found myself sitting with a patient Elsa, who was crying inconsolably in my office.

It turns out that her sister had stolen her inheritance out from under her.

It wasn’t the loss of the money that was making her feel so devastated, though; it was the shocking betrayal by her only sibling.

Elsa’s sister Joyce had gotten their dying mother to change her will at the last minute, leaving everything to her.

Their mother had been ill for a long time and Joyce had found a way to convince her that Joyce and not Elsa was the daughter who really needed and deserved the substantial inheritance.

During our session Elsa kept repeating, over and over, “I don’t understand how she could have done this. ” Although they had never been close and in fact, had only seen each-other at family gatherings for the past several years, Elsa didn’t think that there was any animosity between them; certainly not enough to cause Joyce to do such an awful thing.

Despite the fact that Elsa was utterly confused by her sister’s behavior, I understood it all too well, as it was representative of a pattern of sibling behavior that I’d observed many times before.

I have heard dozens of similar stories where one adult sibling turns against another, horrifying the person who never would have expected their sibling to stoop so low.

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