Steven ward dating rules

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Steven ward dating rules

Steven’s going to learn a lot more soon on the show, about what each of the Crystal Gems are supposed to be…

Rebecca Sugar: It’s always a balancing act with the sci-fi fantasy and the reality in the show!But we sort of have to do it for the sake of Steven, because he’s living as a Gem and as a human, and everyone around him wants him to have a balance there… I think, when we’re writing, even when stories swing far into human settings or Gem settings, and into different genres, there always has to be something relatable for it to be interesting, so even when we do a story on a space ship, the thing that matters is that Ruby wants to find Sapphire, and Steven has to find the Gems, and Garnet has a point to make about her relationship.I think the challenge with having these really different characters coexisting is to find stories that radically different people can relate to, I hope the show can bring really different people together in the way that we try to bring really different genres together by finding some core thing that resonates with a lot of people.You mentioned in a past interview you are really inspired by video games for, what video games?According to the Amazon, the guidebook is told from the point of main character Steven.Sugar and Steven breakdown everything you want to know about the Crystal Gems, including facts about the origins of Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl’s powers and secrets.

But first we had a few questions for Sugar: Since you are making a , just how complicated is this world beyond the series?

How much more is out there that we don’t know, can you tease a little?

Any other characters secretly fused that we don’t know about? Rebecca Sugar: There is a lot to the world of the show that is still hidden!

The show is all from Steven’s point of view, and there’s a lot going on on the Gem Homeworld that he doesn’t know about at all, and a lot of rules that exist there that the Gems we know don’t follow!

Amethyst doesn’t know a lot of this either, since she was created on Earth.

The Guide Book contains everything that Steven knows at the moment, plus a few logistics about his birth that might be a bit outside of what he’s been told.

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