Super box not updating

01-Sep-2016 10:35 by 2 Comments

Super box not updating - acs backdating

As far as i am aware combo box won't update the original source if you change its current text property. Add(new Holder("test2")); bs = new Binding Source(); bs. However I am going to keep the Text Changed event because that way it will update the text in the combo box as you type instead of clicking off before the update and I prefer that visual style over waiting for you to click off.

Name it works as expected(this is just a simple mock up the real class has more than just a name so a list of strings will not work) I think this is a clue to what is wrong but I don't know what it means.

Perform Layout(); } #endregion private void cmb Works_Selected Index Changed(object sender, Event Args e) { } } public class Holder { public Holder(string name) { Name = name; } private string _Name; public string Name { get { return _Name; } set { _Name = value; } } } } instead using Holder.

I have an updating issue with Binding in my Combo Box.

I have created a simplified example illustrate this problem. So in the image above, I have a Text Block (in black) that shows the 'Selected Person. The First Name and Last Name properties of the Selected Person are shown in the 2 Text Boxes below the Full Name.

Update: I checked the answer before I fully tested it still does not work.

I updated the code below so you should just be able to paste in in to a empty winforms project and it should compile.

UPDATE: I have found that if I change the selected item on the Combo Box to any other item it now behaves as expected (in my code below I would switch from test1 to test2). As I have not received any answers yet, I change the question to this. Add(new Holder("test2")); bs Broken = new Binding Source(lst Broken, null); cmb Broken. Why do I have to change to a different item in the combo box before it will show the changes I make to the underlying data-source? but if I change the text in the text box it will not change what is displayed in the combo box. Changing selected items and changing back will show the updated text in the text box but will still have the old value displayed in the combo box. Text Changed += new Event Handler(txt Broken_Text Changed); } [STAThread] static void Main() { Application. Set Compatible Text Rendering Default(false); Application. Run(new Form1()); } void txt Broken_Text Changed(object sender, Event Args e) { ((Control)sender). Validate(); } private Binding Source bs Broken; private Binding List private void Initialize Component() { Broken = new System. is the new generic implementation of IBinding List which fires List Changed event when items are added/removed/inserted/etc. binding Source hooks on to these events and is thus “aware” of these changes and can notify controls bound thos this Binding Source.

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