Superbowl commercial dating service

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Superbowl commercial dating service

Hyundai: In its first year as an official NFL sponsor, the frequent Super Bowl advertiser will run two 30-second spots during the first half, one 60-second spot ahead of kickoff and an additional 60-second ad during the pregame show.Innocean Worldwide, Hyundai's agency of record, will develop all of the creative.

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Kevin Hart will star in the brand's pre-kick ad, "First Date," and Ryan Reynolds will star in one in-game ad, titled "Ryanville." UPDATE: Hyundai's two in-game ads are live.Kia: On the heels of its successful 2015 spot starring Pierce Brosnan, David&Goliath will create another spot for the car brand this year, the agency's managing partner and chief digital officer, Mike Geiger, confirmed to Adweek.Kia revealed that Christopher Walken will star in the ad alongside a colorful sock puppet.The automaker rolled out a teaser for the ad, "Walken Closet," featuring Walken in a walk-in closet.Acura: Not seen during the Big Game since its 2012 spot starring Jerry Seinfeld, Acura confirmed it will return this year. No word on whether the brand will run a 30-second or 60-second spot, but the ad will run during the first quarter and will debut the new NSX supercar. Audi: The automaker is back for its eighth Super Bowl appearance with a spot featuring the 2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus. to create the ad, while Media Vest is tasked with buying and Razorfish will handle digital responsibilities.

The ad, from Venables Bell & Partners, features David Bowie's "Starman" and tells the story of a retired astronaut and his son.

The brand released a 90-second version of the spot, but will air a 60-second cut on game day. Buick: After sitting out in 2015, General Motors will make its return to the Super Bowl this year with an ad for Buick, according to Automotive News. Fiat Chrysler: The automaker announced it will run two commercials during Sunday's game.

The 30-second spot, from Leo Burnett Detroit, will be Buick's first for the Big Game and will focus on the Cascada convertible. The first spot is slated to run after the halftime show, and the second will air during the fourth quarter.

Honda: Choosing to sit on the sidelines during last year's game, Honda announced it will return for Super Bowl 50.

The brand tapped longtime agency partner RPA (which created 2012's Ferris Bueller reboot for the CR-V) to create the 60-second spot, which will run during the third quarter and focus on the 2017 Ridgeline pickup truck.

UPDATE: Honda released its full Super Bowl ad, which stars a pack of singing sheep.

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