Sync disabled while the blackberry is updating settings

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Here’s the skinny: – Added on-device Strava Segment integration – Added basemap to device – Added ability to download 3rd party detailed maps – Added Bluetooth Smart Text & Call Notifications (previously on Edge 1000) – Added Recovery Advisor metrics (previously only on some Running/Tri units) – Added VO2 Max Estimation (previously only on some newer Garmin units) – Added FTP tracking and testing – Added Personal Records – Added Cycling Dynamics metrics (previously only on some newer Garmin units) – Added ability to control Garmin Varia bike lights – Added integration with Garmin Varia bike radar system – Added ANT+ FE-C Trainer Control – Addition of GLONASS support (was in Edge 510, but not 810 or 500) – Time in zones (first seen on the FR920XT/Fenix3) In addition to the above, when compared to the Edge 500, you’ll find these new features that have been added to most Garmin devices as of late.These are all present/added on the Edge 520: – Integrated Live Tracking with phone – Integrated Bluetooth Smart uploads to your mobile phone (and then sync’d to Strava/Training Peaks/Sport Tracks/etc…) – Ability to download courses and workouts from phone to Edge 520 – Sensor pool concept & Activity Profiles (no bike profiles) – Support for Edge Remote Control accessory – Support for Shimano Di2 integration – Support for Garmin VIRB control/integration – Added Training Calendar support – Added Auto Sleep option (turns off if not used for a while) – Added Lap summary page (seen on Edge 510/810/1000, but not Edge 500) – Support for ANT+ sensor types: Cadence sensors, Heart Rate Sensors, Power Meters, Speed Sensors, Speed/Cadence Sensors, VIRB action cams, Weight Scales Now, there are a few things that have been missing from various recent Garmin units, so I double-checked to see if those were there.

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Well, I hope it does anyway, if not, just drop a specific feature into the comments section and I can clarify.

Before we get into all the details, here’s a video walk-through I’ve put together of the Edge 520.

It covers pretty much all of the major new features and lets you see how you interact with the device: From here let’s dig into some of the major features.

I’ll of course go into much more detail in my eventual In-Depth Review, which is typically about 30-45 days after the unit starts shipping – once I have final production hardware and firmware.

Today Garmin announced their latest bike computer, the Edge 520 – priced at 9USD.

This GPS-enabled unit instantly becomes the most advanced bike computer that Garmin has ever released, adding support for a flotilla of new features.

But fear not, owners of the Edge 1000/810/510 and even last week’s Edge 25 are getting some of these new features too.

In addition to the Edge 520 announcement, Garmin also announced a new bike radar and bike light system, which I’ve covered in a separate post.

Further yet, they’ve announced deep integration with Strava for a number of devices (including the new Edge 520).

I talk about the Strava integration later in this post, but also in more detail in a separate dedicated post. As I noted earlier, this is without question the most new features we’ve ever seen come to a bike computer – Garmin or otherwise.

It’s like they’ve been saving up for the past 6 years since the release of the original Edge 500, and decided to cash out in one big swoop.

Some of the below have been added to other product lines (i.e. So I’m sorta using the Edge 500/510 as the baselines, and noting when and where there are variances.