Tell if she dating other men

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Tell if she dating other men - updating method

You think she’s cute and you’re not sure, but you think she’s flirting with you.You’re interested, but you’re not sure if she’s a lesbian or not. People don’t usually wear a label on their foreheads declaring them gay, straight, bisexual or otherwise.

A better approach is to try and find out in more subtle ways.

Some people claim to have “gaydar” the ability to tell if someone is gay or not.

Sometimes gaydar can be about looking for clues in the person’s behavior or dress that indicates she is a lesbian.

Women have reported to use some of the following ways to tell if someone is a lesbian or not: You can look for the obvious signs like a marriage equality sticker on her car or a piece of rainbow jewelry.

But these days, many gay-friendly straight people sport those things. Women who identify as femme lesbians probably don’t dress like that at all.

Some people also try to look for certain visual clues: like does she have short hair, or a Justin Bieber haircut? Sometimes lesbians do dress like tomboys or have short hair. I once had someone write in to ask if you could tell a lesbian by the ring she wears.

There have been some jewelry companies who have tried to market rings or pendants so that lesbians could subtly identify one another. Labryis, black triangles and lambdas were all popular back in the 80s and 90s, but you don’t see them much anymore.

Some people claim they can tell a lesbian because she tends to make eye contact and hold it a bit longer.

It can be a nanosecond longer, but just enough to acknowledge you.

But then again, that is not a sure way to tell if someone is lesbian or not.

Where you see the person can sometimes give you a clue if she’s a lesbian or not.

If you meet her at a gay or lesbian bar or at the gay pride parade, chances are she is a lesbian.

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