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What should I do if I want to apply for a TPD discharge?

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What happens if ED denies my TPD discharge request?Where do I find more information about TPD discharge? The information on this page reflects changes to the TPD discharge process that were made by final regulations issued on Nov. These changes apply to all TPD discharge applications received on or after July 1, 2013.If your TPD discharge application was received before July 1, 2013, your application will continue to be processed in accordance with the procedures that were in effect prior to the regulatory changes.Those procedures are described on the application that you completed.on the basis of your total and permanent disability.Before your federal student loans or TEACH Grant service obligation can be discharged, you must provide information to the U. Department of Education (ED) to show that you are totally and permanently disabled.

ED will evaluate the information and determine if you qualify for a TPD discharge.

If you think you might qualify and want to apply for a TPD discharge, you must provide the information ED needs to make a determination by completing a TPD discharge application and gathering supporting documentation that shows you are totally and permanently disabled.

Depending on your situation, you will either attach the supporting documentation to your application or have your physician complete Section 4 of your application.

Once everything is complete, you’ll mail the discharge application and, if required, the supporting documentation to the Nelnet Total and Permanent Disability Servicer.

Has there been a change to the TPD discharge process?

How do I show that I am totally and permanently disabled?

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