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I have been working for a company for nearly 7 months. How many sick leaves are too many for a duration of 7 months of employment? For example, are 10 sick leaves per year acceptable? Just for my future reference As per the correct amount of sick days to be having, well, there is no black and white answer, it depends if you are legitimately taking them because you feel you are too unwell to go into work, of if you are taking the piss There is no 'magic number' it's about your attitude towards them and how you use them. Thank you for your participation in this post Ok, is there a magic line between what is acceptable in any Australian workplace and what is not acceptable?

My last employer I was there for 2 years, and took 1. I've been working with my current company 18 months, I've taken 2 sick days so far. I would expect you to be put on a doctors certificate for any future sick day.I've seen people take more than they are allocated, with no problems, because they have needed them, and I've seen people take a few and get pulled up on it because they are just taking them because they don't want to go to work.By the sounds of this thread and your attitude towards them, you're one of the latter, and this is why you're getting pulled up for it.i think it depends on how many you get per year and i believe most people receive 8 sick days per year (gov employees may get more).

So i would think that anything up to that limit is "acceptable", without question.

It shouldn't be a matter of how many is of a concern to them, should be based on HOW sick you are.

Employer's will let you take unpaid leave if you are really sick and need the time off and have used up all your entitled sick leave (in most cases).

BUT you need to actually be crook, if you have taken 6 in 7 months, and basically at the sign of a runny nose etc have a single day off then turn up the next day right as rain, its going to look to the employer you are being slack/milking the system.

If you are generally getting sick for these 6 days, then why not get medical certificates ? Lots of people like to milk it by simply every time they feel a little off colour not turning up to work, that could show to the employer you are a bit slack.

Also possibly the employer/manager has had a problem in the past with people milking the system so is just trying to make sure you're not?

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