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Twin-flame soul mates are two souls that have split from one light being, much like identical twin humans have split into two beings from one egg.

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The main reason is to have two aspects of the one soul – either both incarnated or only one incarnated while the other stays in spirit – to assist in the evolution of the soul. Ultimately, twin-flame soul mates incarnate together to push each other onto the path of unconditional self love and to harmoniously reunite in unconditional love for each other.Let’s focus on those who incarnate together for a moment. As far as mission or purpose to serve together once harmoniously reunited, it all depends on the contracts they make together before incarnation.They may also be in contract with other soul mates to help teach lessons to them.For example: the twin-flame soul mates incarnate on Earth as an interracial couple to help teach their respective families tolerance and love for other races. At the same time, they may be in contract with one another to teach each other the same lesson and so many more that come along with cultural differences and learned prejudices.5D, Akashic Record, ascension, catalyst, debunking twin flame myths, esoteric, false twin, forever love, freerspirit,, Jen Freer, near twin, soul mates, true love, twin flame, twin flame FAQ, twin flame myths, twin flame soul mates, Twin Flames, twin soul, twin soul mate, Twin-flame soulmates, unconditional love Have you noticed lately that some of the most non-spiritual people in your life – or on your “friends list” – are suddenly posting esoteric memes or using phrases like, “soul mate” or “twin-flame soul mate,” even?I mean, I’m talking about people who don’t even believe in reincarnation.

When I started to witness this, I thought, “Oh, boy, here we go. Time to consult with my Akashic Records and create a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).” Because, let’s face it, we THINK we know what twin flames are and all that. Some are still stuck spinning their wheels thinking their twin-flame soul mate is the ONLY one for them and that, even though they are estranged now, that is the person they will be with one day.And, until that day, they will drown in a sea of sorrow. And this is why I challenged my Akashic team to set the record straight and get the truth about all these human-ego ideas we read about twin-flame soul mates when everything comes crashing down – even after we loved without conditions and took every exhausting “test” and “challenge” our twin flames threw at us, accepted every “mirrored reflection” they showed us and integrated it into our own unconditional self love and it still wasn’t good enough.This is the kind of mentality we need to nip in the bud, for it serves NO ONE. I waited five years for my twin-flame to come back around, and even though we did reunite “one more time,” it did not last and was nothing but a huge disappointment. Most twin-flame gurus will tell you that you’re estranged from your twin flame because you “still have work to do,” or that you “need to work on yourself more; love yourself more.” Even after you’ve done all the therapy and loved yourself raw and you’re still finding yourself alone, you’re still thinking, because THE GURUS said so, that you can’t make it to 5D without a harmonious reunion with your twin-flame soul mate.You believe without this unconditional love for yourself and each other, you simply cannot ascend.Some may even try to tell you that the one you believe to be your twin-flame was actually a “false twin” or a “catalyst,” leaving you even more confused than ever before. So I decided it’s time for us to really dig for the truth about this twin-flame business. ) Using some of the “information” found around the internet that never resonated with me about twin-flame soul mates as well as some questions from my clients, I created the following list and asked for my Akashic team to please reveal the truth for all of us.That’s the last thing you need when you feel like you can’t breathe… I asked my Akashic Records: What are twin-flame soul mates?

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