Tyler posey and crystal reed dating in real life

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Tyler posey and crystal reed dating in real life - who is damien dante wayans dating

Bloody corpses and intense battles (although they're brief and mostly obscured) between werewolves and humans.Hunters aim to kill werewolves with crossbows and guns, sometimes hitting their mark and leaving wounds.

Teen relationships involve flirting, kissing, hand-holding, and occasionally some making out (kissing, wandering hands, etc.).

Guys are often shown shirtless, and girls' naked backsides can be seen from the waist up.

There are allusions to sexual activity (like when a mom asks her son if they need to have the "safe sex" talk), but physical interactions are limited.

Parents need to know that this drama series (loosely based on the same-named '80s movie) centers on a teen's transformation into a werewolf, so violence is its main concern.

Viewers see how a teen copes with a life-altering change that's a danger to those around him.

He relies on the support and advice of a good friend, who serves as a confidante and keeps his secret.

The story also touches on social themes like fitting in with peers, self-confidence, and healthy relationships, and it has some feel-good messages about people's ability to overcome underdog status.

High school castes (the "in" crowd, the jocks, the nerds, etc.) are fairly rigid, and Scott's social transformation to popularity supports this system.

Scott strives to use his new abilities in positive ways that don't endanger those around him.

He's protective of his friends and is concerned for their safety.

His relationship with Allison models respectful, responsible teen dating.

Some adults come across as the teens' enemies, including a tough-talking coach and the hunters who track the werewolves.

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