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As a result, anyone that discounts the open and unambiguous statements from the Governor and Lt.

It’s not exactly a stretch that politicians that have stuck their necks out for Baylor and/or TCU in conference realignment matters previously are going to call in some chits to secure their support for Houston, too.

All it takes it one of either Baylor or TCU to bow to political pressure and there is now a Texas-based group that has veto power over all expansion in the Big 12 (similar to how UVA effectively had veto power in the early-2000s ACC expansion process since UNC and Duke had come out as firm votes against any type of expansion).

At the same time, as I explained in my last post, BYU is dealing with rapid changes in society with respect to LGBT rights and pushback against the language in the school’s Honor Code regarding homosexuality.

What might have been a socially “acceptable” position in 2010 regarding the treatment of the LGBT community is not necessarily going to be a socially acceptable position in 2016, just as there was a sea change in the public’s viewpoints regarding racial segregation and civil rights from 1960 to 1966.

Georgia’s club ice hockey team plays all of its home games less than a mile away from campus, but for the first four or five weeks of the season, the Ice Dawgs hold their practices roughly 47 miles away from the university.

Posted: September 1, 2016 in College Basketball, College Football, Sports Tags: Air Force to the Big 12, Big 12 Expansion, BYU to the Big 12, Cincinnati to the Big 12, Colorado State to the Big 12, Houston to the Big 12, Memphis to the Big 12, Rice to the Big 12, SMU to the Big 12, Temple to the Big 12, Tulane to the Big 12, UCF to the Big 12, UConn to the Big 12, USF to the Big 12 expansion candidates, the most common comment that I saw in my Twitter feed was that this was just like “The Bachelor”.

As an admitted former viewer of the show* and considering the latest report that the Big 12 is down to circa 12 candidates, it’s a perfect comparison.

Out of the reported survivors, we have: (* In my opinion, the flagships of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” have been getting a bit long in the tooth for several years. It’s like watching The Lord of the Flies in reality-TV form.

I love everything about it.) It’s unclear whether Memphis has survived (my gut feeling is that they’re still alive), but if they move on to the next round, it’s because they’re a contender with loaded parents that are willing to buy their way to the final rose ceremony.

As for all of the other candidates, it appears that they have been eliminated in the very first rose ceremony without even an obligatory make-out session with The Bachelor (although no one can discount a surprise return from one or more of them in later episodes).

The Big 12 seems content with dragging this expansion process out until a conference leadership meeting on October 17th, so we’ll likely be talking about the remaining contenders a In witnessing the Big 12 expansion process unfold, there seem to be a few overarching takeaways (none of which are surprises except for the last point): (1) Politics Matter – Politics, both the procedural kind (politicians trading favors) and the societal issue kind, are no stranger to the history of conference realignment.

Just look at how heavily politicians got involved in the original formation of the Big 12 in the 1990s and the ACC expansion of the early-2000s (with a key role played by current Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine in leveraging the vote of UVA to get Virginia Tech into the league).

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