Updating a table in mysql

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FTS3 has been available since SQLite version 3.5.0 in 2007-09-04.

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FTS4 is sometimes significantly faster than FTS3, even orders of magnitude faster depending on the query, though in the common case the performance of the two modules is similar.FTS4 also offers the enhanced matchinfo() outputs which can be useful in ranking the results of a MATCH operation.On the other hand, in the absence of a matchinfo=fts3 directive FTS4 requires a little more disk space than FTS3, though only a percent of two in most cases.For newer applications, FTS4 is recommended; though if compatibility with older versions of SQLite is important, then FTS3 will usually serve just as well.Like other virtual table types, new FTS tables are created using a CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE statement.The module name, which follows the USING keyword, is either "fts3" or "fts4".

The virtual table module arguments may be left empty, in which case an FTS table with a single user-defined column named "content" is created.Alternatively, the module arguments may be passed a list of comma separated column names.If column names are explicitly provided for the FTS table as part of the CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE statement, then a datatype name may be optionally specified for each column.This is pure syntactic sugar, the supplied typenames are not used by FTS or the SQLite core for any purpose.The same applies to any constraints specified along with an FTS column name - they are parsed but not used or recorded by the system in any way.-- Create an FTS table named "data" with one column - "content": CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE data USING fts3(); -- Create an FTS table named "pages" with three columns: CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE pages USING fts4(title, keywords, body); -- Create an FTS table named "mail" with two columns.

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