Updating action replay

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Since September 2013, Service Stack source code is available under GNU Affero General Public License/FOSS License Exception, see in the source. Orm Lite provides terse and intuitive typed API's for database querying from simple lambda expressions to more complex LINQ-Like Typed SQL Expressions which you can use to construct more complex queries.

The mapping also includes a fallback for referencing fully-qualified names in the format: extension method can stitch disconnected POCO collections together as per their relationships defined in Orm Lite's POCO References.For example you can select a collection of Customers who've made an order with quantities of 10 or more and in a separate query select their filtered Orders and then merge the results of these 2 distinct queries together with: which allows you to capture SQL Statements without running them.Capture Sql Filter is just a simple Results Filter which can be used to quickly found out what SQL your DB calls generate by surrounding DB access in a using scope, e.g: More examples showing how to mock different API's including support for nesting available in Mock All Api There's also a specific filter for strings available which allows you to apply custom sanitization on String fields, e.g.you can ensure all strings are right trimmed with: , except for Postgre SQL which due to its built-in support for JSON, uses the JSON format by default.Join the Service Stack Google+ Community or follow @Service Stack for updates.Orm Lite's goal is to provide a convenient, DRY, config-free, RDBMS-agnostic typed wrapper that retains a high affinity with SQL, exposing intuitive APIs that generate predictable SQL and maps cleanly to (DTO-friendly) disconnected POCO's.

This approach makes easier to reason-about your data access making it obvious what SQL is getting executed at what time, whilst mitigating unexpected behavior, implicit N+1 queries and leaky data access prevalent in Heavy ORMs. If connecting to an empty database you can use Orm Lite's Create Table API's to create any tables you need based solely on the Schema definition of your POCO and populate it with any initial seed data you need, e.g: The best way to learn about Orm Lite is to take the Orm Lite Interactive Tour which lets you try out and explore different Orm Lite features immediately from the comfort of your own browser without needing to install anything: You can customize, enhance or replace how Orm Lite handles specific . There's also support for SQL Server-specific Types, See docs on SQL Server Types for instructions on how to enable them.

Orm Lite was designed with a focus on the core objectives: In Orm Lite: 1 Class = 1 Table. A quick overview of Async API's can be seen in the class diagram below: Essentially most of Orm Lite public API's now have async equivalents of the same name and an additional conventional For a quick preview of many of the new Async API's in action, checkout Api Sql Server Tests

There should be no surprising or hidden behaviour, the Typed API that produces the Query doesn't impact how results get intuitvely mapped to the returned POCO's which could be different to the POCO used to create the query, e.g. Currently only a limited number of RDBMS providers offer async API's which are only available in their .

containing only a subset of the fields you want populated. complex types) are text blobbed by default in a schema-less text field using any of the avilable pluggable text serializers. NET 4.5 builds, which at this time are only: We've also added a .

Support for POCO-friendly references is also available to provide a convenient API to persist related models. NET 4.5 build for Sqlite as it's a common use-case to swapout to use Sqlite's in-memory provider for faster tests.

Effectively this allows you to create a table from any POCO type and it should persist as expected in a DB Table with columns for each of the classes 1st level public properties. But as Sqlite doesn't provide async API's under-the-hood we fallback to results.

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