Updating advanced guestbook 2 3 1

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Updating advanced guestbook 2 3 1

for interpret Razor View Engine as dynamic code on classic ASP will be Razor Code Engine allows you to use Razor syntax to build dynamic templates code and dynamic include. This ASP function replaces the standard "include" statement, allowing a TRUE working dynamic include in classic ASP. Included files can contain a mix of vbscript / HTML / javascript. To demonstrate to everyone how to hand-code in ASP/SQL and send information to and retrieve information from ACCESS Database (Which can be used in SQL Server Database as well) This demonstration shows a beginner to advanced user how to: SELECT, INSERT, UP ...

I first made this with GIFs,then eventually DIVs with a wingding character in it ...

It's an old idea dating way back to the C64 era, sprites moving around in sine wave.

To show people how to connect to a database using 2 different methods. Information that Beginners will find extremly useful and handy. This Project Registered all types of problem and requirements those asking from system administrators. This small VBscript (HTA) app is sort of like a screen saver you can tweak and play with.

The project is undertaken keeping in mind the immense need of the information for a person who wants to fulfill the desires of his family and friends. This ASP Project Help those Sector thos have IT-Departments.

This project is developed keeping in mind the needs of the globally changing environment.

Hi, I was searching for a solution for the problems I receive whenn I upgrade Joomla! But I don't exactly understand, which procedure I should take Some information I checked under PHPAdmin SQL: Clicking on: SQL (see picture).

2.5 to 3.x In a couple of topics, the answer of Jan is that users have to wait till Joomla! Hi woody4you, Thank you for your link, which I have studied. CMS 3.4 that article they write about a new lifecycle for the Joomla! Is it possible to create a peace of documentation how to update/migrate Phoca Extensions to Joomla! At the moment I see white screens after the update. 3, so I realy like it to do an update / migration to Joomla! For Phoca Gallery you have to follow the information at this page: I hope, that will help you to fix your update. So, in that case we don't have to wait till 3.5 is available. I like the new features in the Phoca Extensions for Joomla! Both extensions do have a different part of the database. I mean this:1 SELECT * FROM `h25_phocagallery' WHERE 1SELECT* SELECT INSERT etc. Hi Christine, Sorry, I didn't mentioned the correct URL for Phoca Gallery. Sorry for inconvenience, Christine Hmm, not possible to add the picture. For everybody who will update Phoca Gallery or Phoca Download, please read these steps: Don't forgetr to create a fresh backup of your files, folders and database.1. Thanks for your help, Christine Oh sorry, it seems I wrote in the wrong section? after the column, starting with params, extlink1, extlink2 etc.: NULLUntil I can't solve this problem, I can't migrate on the live site.