Updating an existing web site

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The Team and Ultimate editions make it possible to create an unlimited number of users.

The Team Start edition, in contrast, does not have the active/inactive user feature.

Once the number of users reaches its limit in the Team Start edition, new users can only be added if some of the existing users are deleted.

Once a user is deleted, the user cannot be recovered from the recycle bin and a new user with an identical username (that of a deleted user) cannot be created.

The Team Start edition can therefore be used for a more or less stable team of a limited number of users, while the Team and Ultimate editions can be used for large and fluctuating teams of linguists.

This User Manual is intended for administrators and projects managers of Memsource Cloud.

It describes the main components, features and how to control them through the web-based user interface.

This User Manual applies to the current version of Memsource Cloud.If you have not done so already, first read through our Getting Started Guide and watch this video to learn the essentials of working in Memsource Cloud.Users are managed under Users in the upper right corner of the Memsource Cloud user interface.User management and the types of users that are available in the various Memsource editions represent an important differentiator: Personal edition With the exception of the Personal edition, which is free, the monthly subscription price is based on the number of users licensed.Linguist users may not be licensed separately but are always provided in a package with a project manager license.For instance, the Team Start, Team and Ultimate editions come with 10 linguist accounts per project manager/administrator.