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Apps using location monitoring for background processing expose a flaw in i OS 6: if an application's needs don't fit into a background-necessary category, it has limited backgrounding options.With the introduction of two new APIs, , i OS 7 (and greater) provides backgrounding opportunities to more applications. In i OS 6, an application entering the foreground needed time to load new content, briefly presenting users with content they've already seen.

When the user opens the app, the UI will be up to date and displaying new content.This will also update the application's App Switcher snapshot, so the user can see when the application has new content.is called, the application has approximately 30 seconds to kick off download of new content, and call the completion handler block.If this takes too long, the app will be terminated.Basic Advanced Community Q&A There are several ways to edit and customize your My Space background, just as there are many ways to build a website.With a little insider knowledge, it's easy to customize both standard and artist profiles on Myspace.

Use one of the My Space-approved themes, or try coding your own custom page. Here you'll find some cool Free My Space backgrounds that we've designed, as well as some free My Space backgrounds created by other brilliant designers.When you find the free My Space background you want, grab the My Space code (right-click & select 'copy' or CTRL+C) and drop it into your My Space site.Be sure to check out our My Space Tutorials section for some wise instruction and guidance. The background is deep, deep red (almost black) and the flowers are a sepia black and white. Our gallery of free My Space backgrounds: Designer: My Space Layout | Last Modified: June 1, 2009 Description: This artistic myspace background has been one of our users' all time favorites! Because i OS doesn't track the types of tasks that can run when the device is woken by changes in the user's location, these APIs provide a work-around for updating content in the background on i OS 6. Use discretion when implementing Region Monitoring or Significant Location Changes for background processing in applications that aren't aleady using the location APIs.

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