Updating netapp firmware

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Updating netapp firmware - dating oman

To acquire the ONTAP release, login to the NOW site which is located at logged in, navigate to Download Software and find the drop down for ONTAP. At this time, we downloaded the release called 732_setup_for the 7.3.2 release for our FAS2020a.

\IPaddress\C$\If you get an error about a share not being available, you have to enable CIFS on your filer.

To do this, open Net App Systems Manager or Filer View.

Within both of these interfaces, go to the protocols section and complete the CIFS Setup Wizard. Once CIFS has been setup properly, access the hidden share by going to \IPaddress\C$and you should get a screen like this: Navigate to /etc/software and copy and paste the downloaded exe into this directory COPY THIS FILE INTO INTO EACH FILER INDIVIDUALLY.

In this case you want to put the into both Node1 and Node2 because we will be upgrading them both.

This past week I noticed an update to Net App ONTAP.

We were running version and I wanted to upgrade to 7.3.2.

I heard from so many people, "Don't worry Kenny, it's so easy to do an upgrade." Come to find out, it's actually EXTREMELY EASY.

The bad part is, there is a 200 page upgrade guide that makes everything more challenging than it really needs to be.

Chris Kranz (@ckranz) over at uk has a good guide for ONTAP Upgrades.

I wanted to spoon feed his tutorial a bit more for anyone else wanting to do their first Net App ONTAP upgrade.

This will be done the n00b fashion way with Windows :) So here we go from the beginning: The ONTAP upgrade is done to ensure that the Net App SAN has the most recent release of software.

This is also a non-disruptive upgrade because in this case we have 2 controllers (or nodes). We will be using windows and CIFS to perform the upgrade.

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