Updating psp firmware 6 31

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Updating psp firmware 6 31 - Online dirty chat online

Also it says 6.39 but it still works on the others. But if you want permanent psp cfw then put the permanent one into PSP/Game too.A very useful instructable for those which have had trouble downgrading in the past.

Also there is a more comprehensive guide here But all in all, well done.Danish, German, English (United States), Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (simplied), Chinese (traditional).The Play Station Portable system software is the official firmware for the Play Station Portable.It uses the Xross Media Bar (XMB) as its user interface, similar to the Play Station 3 console.The PSP’s latest firmware update, 6.30, is now live, bringing PSN Plus support and more, to work with the PS3’s 3.40 firmware update.While the PSN Plus is a Play Station 3 service, the free Minis and Play Station One games that are given with the subscription are also playable on the PSP, after the 6.30 firmware update.

The PCEngine and NEOGEO folder options have been available on the Japanese PSN for some time now, but whether this means Neo Geo games and more will be available on the US PSN store, like Japan’s, remains to be seen.

We’ll keep looking for additional features and will update you as they are found.


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This is my guide on how to downgrade to 6.20 and install cfw (Custom Firmware) on your PSP 1000,2000,3000 or go. You will need: 6.20 update downgrader CFW to desktop.

Now take the 6.39 Downgrader and put it into PSP/GAME and Put the 6.20 update EBOOT into PSP/GAME/UPDATE.