Updating windows xp pro sp2

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Updating windows xp pro sp2 - cintia johnson dating service

WINDOWS XP SP2 & SP3 ORIGINAL BOOTABLE Walawpun Windows XP Itu Umurnya sudah pendek dari Mikocok, Namun ternyata Masih banyak ayng menggunakannya, karena keringannya.

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Lamer Note: This explanation is based upon usage of Windows 2000 and SP4, but will also work for any SP and either Windows 2000 or Windows XP (of course you must use the correct SP…don’t try to install SP1 or SP2 for Windows XP on a Windows 2000 installation…Duh…) Important: Do not update Windows 2000 integrated with a service pack in a shared distribution folder if there are users who are still using a previously installed integrated version in the same shared folder.For instructions on how to slipstream Office XP/2003 and Office Service Packs please read Office XP SP1/2/3 Slipstreaming, Office System (2003) Hotfix Slipstreaming and Office System (2003) Hotfix Slipstreaming.Before we begin anything, you’ll need to have a few things: Download Windows 2000 SP4 (129mb) Download Windows XP SP2 (266mb) Download Windows Server 2003 SP1 Network Installation (329mb) Lamer Note: This guide is based on the English versions of Windows 2000/XP, and of their corresponding Service Packs. Another note: It will be easier for you if you chose a folder name that has no spaces in it.If you’re using a different localized build of Windows, you will need to find the right version of SP for your build. If you do use spaces, make sure you enclose it in quotation marks, i.e.

(Screenshot of XP SP2 Slipstreaming, W2K SP4 or Windows 2003 SP1 looks the same) Lamer Note: Notice there IS a space between the “-s” and the “Update.exe”.Also, notice there is NO space between the “-s:” and the path of the installation files folder.Note: You do NOT need to specify the i386 folder in the path.The slipstreaming process will automatically look for it in the folder root.You can now deploy Windows 2000/XP/2003 to your users’ computers from the shared distribution folder in either attended or unattended Setup mode.Alternatively, you can burn a CD containing the files from the distribution folder.

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