Updating wordpress with subversion

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Updating wordpress with subversion - Uruguay chatcam

For all this stuff to work you need the Subversion client installed on your Wordpress host as well as ssh access to your account.

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The following command is valid for Ubuntu (and probably other Debian-based systems as well): That's it.The folks at Heise even released a GPL'ed script which encapsulates the Subversion commands.It even let's you add specific language files to your Wordpress installation. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License. Wordpress uses Subversion as it's source control system. Wouldn't it be nice if there where an automated mechanism? The idea is so simple I'm embarrassed I didn't think of it before!

Now it's daunting to do the whole update ceremony by hand. [101-0133_IMG](/img/uploads/2008/05/101-0133-img.jpg)The german [CT]( magazine published an article about using Subversion for automated updates.In Subversion you usually create a directory "branches" where a directory is created for each release branch.And then there's a directory "tags" which contains a tag name (like "2.5.1" which is the latest release as of this post) for every release.Now what you can do is check out (svn co) the Wordpress code from the Subversion repository telling it you want to the, say, release tagged with "2.5.1".Subversion will copy the code into a specified directory and will also keep the Subversion metadata (".svn" directories) in place.Now whenever the fine folks at Wordpress release their version "2.5.2" you "switch" the code over to that tag, Subversion automatically updates your local sources with the latest changes from the repository and you are done.

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