Validating checkboxes with php

17-Feb-2015 11:44 by 7 Comments

Validating checkboxes with php - mrs brady dating greg

You can start doing this in PHP with validating and sanitizing data on your site. It’s possible that the user accidentally typed in a wrong character or maybe it was a bad copy and paste.

And so validation is done which determines if the data is in proper form.

In this php script filter_var() filter function is used for sanitization and validation.

Here we have an HTML form with three input fields namely: name, email and website.

As user fills all information and clicks on submit button all input fields will be sanitized and validated using filters.

In this tutorial, I’ll explain you to sanitize and validate form fields using PHP filter function filter_var().

This function requires a variable value to filter and name of the filter to use as an argument.

It returns filtered data on success and FALSE on failure.

Why exactly do we need to sanitize and validate form fields..??

As you build a site using PHP, gaining unauthorized access to your site’s data can cause it to be hacked.

Invalid submitted data not only lead to security problems, but it can also break your webpage.

Whenever data or information flows over internet, it becomes one of the important aspects of information security.

Lets take a look on how to remove illegal characters and validate data.

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